Thursday, 14 March 2013


Politics?? It seems people get over traumatised when came into this haunted word. Oh! How about Malaysia? Oooopsss its too big to wrap up, then let's we have a glance look into campus....or more specific government campus.....Yeahhh as we know that "voices of mahasiswa" is the pulse of the country. Owh? Is it really true? Many student nowadays are like coins, Valuable BUT two-faced. Any comments? Oppps keep it...Don't Speak if u're not that brave to let out for everything! Current issues cases in Lahad Datu, People or MALAYSIA citizen always looking at the bad side first before listen to the whisperer of angel? Perhaps? BN? Be THe End? owh really? ASK YOURSELF! Before u blaming others, put yourself in their shoes and your other 4 left fingers towards you, than it will be PERFECT! Nobody perfect in this world, but as long as we knows the limit and boundary that exist among us, then let us kick out and give your hands and let say "ONE MALAYSAI" !oppss MALAYSIA!